About Us
  Transparcel, LLC headquartered in California and we have branch company in tax free state. Our main business is from North America to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan’s traditional international express delivery, international e-commerce as well as warehousing, logistics, and related business.
  Transparcel, LLC provides warehousing and logistic solutions to who shop on overseas websites in Mainland China. We provide you with a dedicated delivery address abroad, so that you will shop in convenient and easy environment just like local residents; we also provide you with storage space so you can control you sending time, number and orders in order to reduce your shipping cost and enjoy shopping aboard. Our advanced operating platform, improved transport network, and professional service team provides you with efficient, low-cost, high-quality, and secured e-commerce warehousing and logistic experience.
Lower shipping costs and faster aging
 With our comprehensive shipping promotions (see shipping rate list) and fast shipping temporality you can save even more than UPS, FEDEX, and USPS, and shipping companies. You can get your packages within 5-7 business days if you submit you BOL after packages arrive at our overseas warehouse. This ensures our customers to receive the latest overseas products at first time.
Exclusive overseas shipping address
  Most overseas shopping website offers only domestic shipping but do not support international direct mailing service. Transparcel, LLC provides you with more unique overseas shipping address so you can experience the joy of shopping aboard at home.
Free overseas storage space
  No matter if you are overseas shopper or have an overseas e-commerce business when you shop at different websites, you will not want to ship your packages one by one in order to avoid paying many first plurality of pounds of freights. You will not want to send you packages to different recipients. Transparcel, LLC provides you free storage space so you can track the status of your packages at any time in your online account. We also provide you consolidation, deconsolidation, direct mail and other instructions.
Remote storage management and full status tracking
 Transparcel, LLC provides you 100% online operation warehouse logistics system. No matter you are in China or abroad, you will be able to arrange your delivery, track all the way from delivery of your goods to recipients to get and sign the packages.
RMB payment, convenient and worries-free financial management
  You can pay your freight by using RMB, Alipay, bank transfers and other payment methods. Depending on your type of goods, weight, volume and other factors, our system will automated bill you or charge back. You can always view your account information, waybill, and account details so you feel convenient and have no worries.
Professional and high quality customer service
 Each Transparcel LLC customer will enjoy professional, high-quality and bilingual services. Our customer representatives will answer your questions and solve problems of goods delivery when you shop abroad.